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Jaguar Announces Intelligent Sayer Steering Wheel

Intelligent Steering Wheel

Last week we reported on how Ford has teamed up with Dominos to change how we receive pizza deliveries and today Jaguar has entered the future of transport technology with its Intelligent Sayer Steering Wheel.

Technology is advancing at such a rate that we are on the cusp of a new revolution in transport. Within the next decade, the way we commute to work, travel for leisure and have items delivered is all about to change. The era of Autonomous self-drive cars is almost upon us. Multiple manufacturers across the world are currently testing their own versions of futuristic cars that we will serve us by taking the hassle out of driving but Jaguar has gone one further.

Jaguar envisions a future where we won’t actually own a car we will only own a steering wheel! The Jaguar Intelligent Sayer Steering Wheel is a portable steering wheel that uses artificial intelligence to respond to spoken instructions and goes with the driver when they switch cars. Jaguar believes this will be increasingly the case as more people share cars which have self-driving features. The steering wheel will house the ‘brains’ of each individual driver’s personal preferences – from seat positions to temperature control, audio and sat-nav settings and a prototype is to be revealed on Thursday.

Intelligent Steering Wheel

A Jaguar spokesman said: ‘JLR is revealing the intelligent and connected steering wheel of the future. It is the first voice-activated artificial intelligence steering wheel that will be able to carry out hundreds of tasks. But you won’t just use it to steer the car. You will take it with you when you have finished. It will store all of your personal settings and you will be able to add more for the comfort of your own home as it sits in your living room.’

The wheel takes its inspiration from the detachable steering wheels used today by F1 drivers, who remove them when they finish races.
But it also mirrors modern domestic loudspeakers, such as the Amazon Echo, which has an integrated voice assistant called ‘Alexa’ with which householders can interact through spoken instructions and responses. Google has its own rival called ‘Home’. Apple iPhones and other devices use ‘Siri’. The ‘carry-on’ Jaguar steering wheel of the future also has its own name. It has been dubbed ‘Sayer’ after the late former Jaguar designer Malcolm Sayer, responsible for some of the most curvaceously beautiful and aerodynamic Jaguars of the 1950s and 60s including the C, D, and most famously the E-Type coupe and roadster.

The Jaguar intelligent Sayer Steering Wheel of the future is to be unveiled on Thursday as part of a special ‘Jaguar Land Rover Tech Fest‘ exhibition in London with the theme ‘Technology with Heart’.