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Force Friday II reveals BB-9E droid!


Prepare for a weekend full to the brim with Star Wars news as Force Friday II (which actually runs Friday until Sunday) gets underway and already it’s dropping big news. I predict that Force Friday II will end with a long awaited trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. A prediction that is bolstered by the fact that Force Friday II is only a couple of hours old and already we have a brand new character reveal in the form of BB-9E

Sphero, the company behind the immensely successful BB8 smart phone operated Droid have released 2 new droids to accompany him today. The ever present fan favourite R2-D2 and the mysterious BB-9E

BB-9E, Sphero

Now we know absolutely nothing about this droid other than what we see in the video above, but that never stopped a good geek from hypothesising so let’s have at it! First of is the markings. BB-9E is quite obviously painted up in the markings of a First Order Droid so we can assume he isn’t with the rebel alliance. Now it could be argued that we are gonna welcome him into our hearts as he defects and joins the rebels but I think not. In the video we only ever see him in darkness and shadow, with sinister camera angles compared to the sunshine lit shots of BB-8 and R2-D2.

Further more the clip continues to show the two plucky droids as friends on an epic quest or adventure, whereas every time the camera cuts to BB-9E it gives the impression he is hunting the pair. Include the fact that he destroys a Jenga tower for no particular reason and it’s clear to see that BB-9E is obviously a ‘wrong un’

R2-D2 is an amazing ambassador of the Star Wars franchise and I don’t think Disney will ever be able to make a Star Wars film without him. The merchandise that the character shifts just on his own is immense and now the fact that fans can own and control their very own R2-D2 is amazing. Add to that the awesome emoji where he shakes and falls down as if he is just been zapped by a Jawa and I’m now sat here throwing my money at the screen.

R2-D2, BB-9E, Sphero

I was impressed by the BB8 droid that Sphero brought out for the Force Awakens but not enough to join the mass hysteria of consumers and fans hunting them down, fighting in shops just to get one. Also, the fairly high price tag put me off. So I am completely aware that I am been completely none sensical when I say this but whilst I find the £180 price tag for R2-D2 to high for my love of the character to justify, For some reason, I’m looking at the listing of BB-9E over on Amazon at £150 and really really want one.