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EGX 2017 – A Treasure Trove of Indie Gaming


In case you missed it somehow we attended the Euro Gamer Expo (EGX) in Birmingham last weekend and what a treat it was! EGX is the UK’s biggest gaming expo and featured some of the biggest games due for release.

With blockbuster games like Destiny 2, Far Cry 5, Gran Turismo Sport and Shadow of war just to name a few the headliners were pretty solid. It was no surprise to see these global brands dominate the floor space and draw in massive crowds. What was a surprise was the enormous presence that Indie games had at the convention. Taking up almost a third of the floor and crammed in like sardines, this was where the true EGX experience was to be found.




With great shooters such as Raiders of the Broken Planet (out now), Old school retro games like the brutally brilliant Hyper Sentinel to the wonderful, artistic games from The National Film and Television School there was a veritable smorgasbord of gaming delights to satisfy any palette.

Of course, some games stand out more than most. The Town of Light, for example, is a psychological horror that looks at the history of mental health and its treatments in a way that no mainstream publisher would dare to take on. Proving once more that the Indie games market continues to grow exponentially  because it’s abundant creativity and innovation in gaming satisfies a desire that the mainstream games fail to acknowledge with their formulaic sequels and IP’s


For me personally, the greatest of all the indie games on show was Bomber Crew from Runner Duck games. Due to release on steam on the 19th October with Console versions to come later, this delightful yet emotionally crippling fusion of crew management and physics simulator blend seamlessly to provide a Xcom style strategy game with nostalgic overtures of Cannon Fodder.



With over 30 campaign missions and a level up system that not only involves your crew but your plane as well, Bomber crew is a must buy for casual and hardcore gamers alike.

You can check out our interviews with what we thought was the best of best indie games at EGX over on our YouTube Channel and as always let us know your thoughts in the comments section below