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Culdcept revolt – 3DS review

By Kerith Busby


When you start up your game you are asked to name your character, you are playing as a cepter
(wielded of cards as they are also known). After you have named your character you are given a
choice of books to begin your game with, you get to chose between fire & earth which is a more
aggressive and defencive based deck which not a lot of versatility or water & air which is a more
varied deck with a wider range of abilities but lacks the overall punch on a straight out attack.

Both starting decks are 26 cards but you can build your deck as you play to a max of 50 cards and
after you finish the tutorial stage it gives you a option to buy more cards with the gold you earn from
Battles and create your own decks tailored to your play style with more powerful cards. The decks
have 3 different types in them and they are a mix of spells, items and most importantly creatures.
The tutorial is fairly comprehensive and will cover everything you need to know to get to grips with
the game explaining it all as you go along, the only down side to this is that it will take 30 mins to a
hour to complete the first stage of the game but after doing so you will be ready to get into it full
swing but if your still not confident there is a hint option in the game which will highlight suggest
moves and cards with a yellow arrow which can be turned off at any time in settings.

The game starts with you finding your self lost and with no memory of who you are other than your
name, a voice from the darkness explains what you are and helps guide you through the tutorial and
explains what that cepters are a special kind of people who can wield the power of the cards and
enter a place called battle space to do battle with other cepters, battle space is not sensed or visible
to regular people.


The goal behind a cepter battle is to move around the board and build up magic power or as it is
known gain, to win a battle you must reach a goal of 8000 gain and pass through one of the gates on
the board to win. This is down by moving around the board via a dice roll and when you land on a
empty square you can summon a creature to take it over, the squares are coloured according to
different elements red for fire, green for earth, blue for water and yellow for air. Once you have
summoned a creature on a square and they are no longer fatigued you can level up the square or
change its element by paying gain, this means that the higher the level of the square the higher the
toll a player with have to play when they land on it or they can choose to fight against your creature
with one of there own to try and take it from you but if they lose they still have to pay the toll. If you
place a creature with a matching element on a square they get bonuses from the tile in battle to
help them fight.

After you finish the tutorial you are introduced to the free bats who are a rebel group who are trying
to escape the city and the count as he wants to destroy all cepters except those in his military. From
there you will have cut scenes where the characters are telling the story of what has happened for
this to come to be how they are and you try to find ways to regain your memories and find out who
you are and why your there. As you progress through the stages you will compete in battles again
single and multiple opponents which will earn you gold to improve your decks, after each battle you
get to choose the next battle you wish to progress to but each battle line you move along will show
you different cutscenes and the story will be slightly different but you can choose you complete all
the battles provided so you can get the full experience.

The games can be time consuming which would be my only criticism but overall the games are fun to
play and the randomness of dice roles and card draw means the game can swing from losing to
winning very quickly so never give up hope in a battle. I get the feeling this could be quite fun when
played online with friends or even random opponents online but sadly this was a feature I have yet
to be able to try.

Overall Score 8/10