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Bloody Zombies Fights it’s Way Onto PS4 – Game Review


Bloody Zombies is the newest offering of developer nDreams on PlayStation 4. A nostalgic co-op side scrolling beat em up with a modern sense of humour, and a wonderful twist.

The game is relatively easy for anyone to pick up and play. A short but informative tutorial sets you up with everything you need to know about the controls and lets you loose in Zombie invested London. This isn’t your run of the mill survive the zombie apocalypse though. Bloody Zombies sets you as one of four characters Teller, Rei, Mick, and Eddie. Four survivors in a zombie-infested London that has been walled off and abandoned by the authorities.

It was thought no one was left alive in London but as the 4 characters come together the authorities offer them help and guidance with finding the keycards that will not only help allow them to escape London but maybe, just maybe help take London back.

The gameplay itself is very akin to the classic Streets of Rage.The levels are left to right, defeating wave after wave of zombies and not able to progress to the next wave till you have wiped out the current set you are facing.

Bloody Zombies, nDreams

The controls are extremely simple for basic moves and special moves which makes the combat more free-flowing and frees you up to compete with your friends for the biggest streak, the only issue I have with the controls is that the speed the characters walk at is excruciatingly slow, even when you double tap to run you feel it should be the default walk speed.

The characters are fun, with great sound bites and quotes also having the option of local and online co-op really expands the fun you can have with friends.

I’ve purposely left the graphics till last in this review because this is where nDreams really come into their own and blow the competition out of the water. You can see from the trailer above and the screenshots throughout this article that its a very vibrant, comic book style of graphics and balances the mix of dirty London streets and colourful characters really well. throw in a little bit of cartoon gore for good measure and all is good.

Bloody Zombies, nDreams

Now put on a PSVR headset and nDreams knock it out of the park! Seriously this is one of the best games I have played in VR and there is no way for me to show you how amazing it is. The VR really adds depth to the levels as you move into the foreground and background to slay zombies.

Moving from a flat screen that scrolls through the level to simply looking to your right and seeing the entire level spread out waiting for you is so immersive but even the simple act of leaning forward and essentially zooming in on the game is perfect.

Bloody Zombies is a competent, nostalgic, side-scrolling co-op beat em up that will provide lots of fun for PS4 gamers but it is a must-have for PSVR owners.

Overall Score – 8/10

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