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Apple Unveils It’s New iPhone X

Written by Lucy Helen Smith

iPhone X

The much awaited Apple conference kicks off with the new and improved Apple watch, Apple is happy to say they are now the leading watch manufacturer in the world. The new apple watch series 3 will come in two options, one with Celsius and without. The Celliure option means that you won’t need your iPhone on you at all times, but don’t worry it will have the same number as your iPhone. Celliure option also means that you can listen to your music on the go. The only network to have the celliure option is EE in the UK. But that is why there are going to be two options with or without. Apple watches are also going to be able to read and keep an eye on your heart, which the apple watch has done from the start but there are improvements, this means it will let you know if you heart is beating irregularly and at weird times of the day by pinning your wrist. The apple watch will come in the normal colours space grey, silver and gold.

iWatch, iPhone X

Then the conference moved on to their apple tv, which is now 4k. The apple 4k tv is now going to be a better watching experience with is HDDR. This new apple tv still has Siri to help you. Apple is building on the apps and games you will be able to get on your Apple tv. The game Apple was happy to show us was sky. Sky is a game only on your apple tv, controlled by the remote. In this game, you fly around finding things and other players.

Now to the big part of the conference, Apple left it iPhone till last but we did not just get two new iPhone we got three. You’ve got the iPhone 8, 8 plus and the all new design iPhone X, the X stands for 10 years of Apple.
So the iPhone 8 and 8 plus are pretty much the same phone the only difference are the size of the actual phone and the cameras. iPhone 8 is 4.7” of screen with a single 12 megapixels camera on the back of the iPhone. Where the iPhone 8 plus has 5.5” screen and it has a dual camera on the back of the iPhone, the dual camera allows the user to take better portrait shots. Apart from the size and camera, these two iPhone are the same they both have the new A11 bionic processor inside them, this means they run a lot faster than the iPhone 7. They both have the Retina HD displays this means that the colour and lighting are balanced to make the best clear picture for the uses. The iPhones are now made of glass front and back. But by doing this the iPhone now can be charged up wirelessly. It is not just your new iPhone that can charge wireless it’s your iWatch and airpods too, and Apple is calling it airpower.

iPhone X

So the iPhone X, this is Apple’s way of making technology infused with humanity… This iPhone is all screen 5.8”, this means there aren’t your normal iPhone ways to unlock your phone, so they have come up with face ID. This is where the iPhone X makes a mathematical plan of your face so, you are the only one who can get into your iPhone, your iPhone X will not even open if your eye is closed or if someone has a photo of you. With this technology in the iPhone X they have come up with ami-emoji this is where you can be the emotion on your phone, the emoji moves with your facial expression. Everything that the iPhone 8 has the iPhone x has too apart from finger technology. Apple pay still works on the iPhone X but it is with face ID.

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