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2nd Annual Hatchimals Day Announced!


Hatchimals took the toy market by storm in 2016 and they high highly tipped to be one of the biggest toys this coming Christmas. whilst the savvy and forward thinking parents out there may have already stocked up on Hatchimals presents for the kids to avoid the impending Christmas rush and stock shortage we may have some bad news for you…..

Spin Master is set to reveal the next innovation in the Hatchimals line with its annual promotional event Hatchimals Day. The event, set to take place on Friday, October 6th, means fans can look forward to new eggs, a new hatching process, a new species to meet and an as-yet unrevealed ‘big’ surprise. Which of course means that every thing you already bought in your pre-Christmas rush wisdom is most likely gonna be obsolete as your little darling wants….nay NEEDS the new range and not that old 2016 lot.


“We’ve seen a tremendous response to the Hatchimals brand globally, and we continue to see success with the recent introduction of Hatchimals Colleggtibles,” said Ben Gadbois, Spin Master’s global president, and COO. “As we continue to deliver on our innovation pipeline, we are proud to announce our second annual Hatchimals Day on Oct. 6 when we will introduce a whole new way of hatching for children across the globe.”

There is no doubt Hatchimals are gonna be high up on the Christmas list and here at Clubit we highly recommend you get them early to not only avoid the queues but to avoid disappointment too. that been said it is probably best to wait until AFTER the 6th of October to see just exactly how excited your little cherubs get over the new range before you “send them off to Santa”