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Stephen King’s Dark Tower Receives Poor Reviews


With Only 15 days till the long awaited movie adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower releases in cinemas across the UK the review embargo has been lifted and initial reports are not good.

King’s voluminous book series, is a sprawling story that takes in elements of a western, horror and Tolkien-style myth-making that should be right at home with a live action adaptation but it seems the 10 years it’s taken to get made has damaged it quite badly. Early reviews haven’t been kind at all so far, with the Hollywood Reporter describing it as “generic and cobbled together”, and Uproxx comparing the adaptation to the infamous Jonah Hex. That’s only a very brief sample, too; if you’re into the whole score aggregation thing, The Dark Tower has so far garnered a worryingly low 18 percent on Rotten Tomatoes – worrying, because Hollywood studios have grown increasingly concerned about the site’s ability to affect their movies’ ticket sales.

The poor reviews maybe shouldn’t come as a big surprise since Variety reported that the film had tested badly in early previews. So badly, in fact, that the movie was extensively reworked in the editing room to clarify certain plot points. This would at least explain why an adaptation of such a huge story would wind up as a surprisingly compact 90-minute film, and why its release date was moved back more than once.

The film is due to launch a DarkTower tv series so hopefully, that will still go ahead despite the poor initial reviews as a continuing television program may be a better medium to fully portray Stephen King’s genius.

What are your thoughts on The Dark Tower? Are you excited to see it hit the big screen? Or would you prefer to see it on tv? As always let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.