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Smalt – The Salt Shaker You Never Knew You Needed

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The world of smart devices is bringing technology into our homes at an ever increasing rate and in ways, even the great science fiction writers of yore couldn’t have dreamed of. From Issac Asimov laws of robotics to Arthur C Clarke predicting satellites science fiction has been ahead of technological advances. It can be argued that Star Trek gave us mobile phones via Kirk’s communicator and even gave us tablets via Picard’s data pad but I can t think of a single science fiction franchise that gave us SMALT

SMALT is the worlds first smart salt shaker and as the title of this article suggests it’s the salt shaker of your dreams that you never knew you needed but by the time we are done here it will be the sole focus of your hearts desire. The secret to SMALT’S appeal is that it takes the simple concept of a salt shaker and not only builds but improves upon it.

The revolutionary mealtime game changer is on indiegogo for the next 29 days and the description tells you everything you need to know :

Primed to surprise and delight your guests, SMALT is more than just a centerpiece – it’s an interactive conversation piece! Play your favorite music through the Bluetooth speaker, set the mood with multicolored lighting, and dispense salt in any amount you please. Our app lets you simply shake, pinch, or choose the measurement of salt you desire right from your phone, via Alexa or the device itself. Dance to the beat and shake your salt out to amuse your guests or rock out on your own.

As if that wasn’t already awesome enough these super sodium sharer’s are currently half price for the first 100 backers so what are you waiting for? Let’s make this happen people