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Pokemon Generation One Stickers

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The whole world is in the middle of Pokemon fever once again thanks to the legendary Pokemon Moltres appearing in Pokemon GO today. With the additions a few months ago of the generation 2 babies being added the Pokedex for Pokemon GO currently stands at a whopping 248 Pokemon to collect!

It didn’t always use to be this way though. Pokemon burst onto the gaming scene twenty-one years ago in 1996 and solidified itself as a global and cultural icon with the animated series which first aired a year later. Both the game and the cartoon follow the adventures of a young boy who sets out from Pallet Town in an attempt to catch all 150 Pokemon and defeat the elite four so he can be crowned Pokemon Champion. Pokemon Stickers are very collectable and there is NOT that many of these left in the world. They are ultra rare!

The original 150 Pokemon took the world by storm and soon collectors everywhere were trying to catch them in all forms. One of the ways you could collect, trade and compare like you could in the game was the limited run of Pokemon stickers. Highly collectable, extremely sought after and with fantastic artwork! A real retro Pokemon collectors item.

Now you may never have collected the sticker collection or you could be a collector who has given up hope of ever getting those last few that you need to finish of the seminal collection. Which ever camp you fall into we have you covered at ourĀ Novelty gift store have you covered and at a bargain price too. They currently have boxes, yes you read that right, boxes of these hard to find collector’s items for sale.

Each box contains 30 packs of stickers and each pack contains 10 stickers which are made up of 9 Pokemon and 1 gold or silver foil scene from the animated show. That’s 300 stickers in a box in total. Could you get lucky enough to collect all 200 stickers in the series with just one box?

If you think these stickers are just for the older collector check out what clubit.tv junior presenter Thalia had to say in the video below: