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Metroid: Samus Returns Nintendo Take Locked Content Too Far?

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The long awaited Metroid 2 remake – Metroid: Samus Returns arrives on the 3DS on 15th September but it seems it’s not without controversy. As developers find more and more ways to part us with our cash after the original purchase becomes the norm, this usually takes the form of DLC, season passes, micro transactions, skins and weapon packs, This time Nintendo is taken heat for the fact it has locked an entire game mode behind a paywall in the form of Amiibo’s.

New releases from Nintendo tend to come with their own Amiibo know and they usually unlock content that is cosmetic such as skins and clothes. the release of Metroid: Samus Returns is no different with the announcement of two Amiibo’s, Crouching Samus and Metroid. Things seem to be business as normal too as the crouching Samus unlocks a Metroid 2 art gallery.

It is the Metroid Amiibo that has gamers in an uproar as it unlocks the games Fusion difficulty mode and a fusion suit for Samus. Fusion mode is the games final difficulty level. so in effect after completing the game on normal and hard mode you then have to shell out an extra £12.99 for the Metroid Amiibo and that is if the Amiibo is in stock!

Nintendo’s Amiibo’s have become highly sought after and collectible so tend to go out of stock pretty quickly and in fact is the case here. Nintendo is obviously aware of the rarity of the figures as they have limited sales to one per customer yet it is still out of stock.

The issue here for most gamers is that for the Amiibo to unlock the fusion mode it means it is already on the cartridge. A lot of firms are using what is called ‘on disc DLC’ to maximize revenue but this normally takes the role of optional extras such as skins and cosmetic items but causes an uproar when it is full game modes and levels.

On disc DLC generally viewed as unashamedly greedy by charging customers for the game on disc then charging them again to unlock content from the item they have already bought. What are your thoughts on a whole difficulty setting locked behind an Amiibo? Do you think on disc DLC is greed or optional? As always let us know your thoughts in the comments below