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*Massive Spoilers* Netflix Marvel Defenders Review

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Fight time!

The long awaited Netflix team up series Marvel Defenders arrived today and in true Netflix tradition, we got the entire series in one fell swoop. Geeks across the world got to devour the entire series in a single day and that is exactly what this geek unashamedly did.

First things first, I’m glad this series arrived in one big lump otherwise I don’t think I would have seen this entire series through if I’m honest. The pacing seems off, the first couple of episodes are full of in your face leftist identity politics but worst of all without a shadow of a doubt is the ever contradictory, complete Buffon and overall waste of space The Immortal Iron Fist.

The first couple of episodes are exactly what you would expect, we catch up with the 4 main heroes. Get a look at their lives and how they are doing. Then we get a little bit of danger and threat in the way of Sigourney Weaver building to our heroes meeting in pairs. After this initial bedding in the show picks up the pace somewhat, which is great considering it is only 8 episodes long. The overall story arc is tantalizingly revealed piece by piece until by episode 4 we are rewarded with all 4 heroes standing side by side for an ass-kicking superhero team up.

By episode 5 not only is The Hands evil scheme fully apparent but how it will transpire to come about is blatantly obvious. The only thing more annoying than this is how completely unintelligent and clueless our band of heroes are. Jessica Jones shows her amazing detective skills on numerous occasions during this series alone, tracking back the ownership of a company to 1820, yet is completely unable to connect A to B for some reason.

By Episode 7 the completely obvious plot twist of Iron Fist punching at Electra, missing and accidentally opening the gate sealed by a previous Iron Fist happens and Cage, Daredevil, and Jones are fighting up above trying to rescue Danny Rand and still don’t know why The Hand wants him!

This sudden dumbing down of the main heroes is not a one-off occasion, they constantly lose powers or gain them. Jessica Jones can throw a car through a restaurant window yet causes no damage at all when she punches a random henchman. Luke Cage throws someone halfway through a concrete wall yet later fails to throw someone through a wooden table. There is no consistency within the abilities of the main stars. Electra can give Luke Cage a kicking yet fail to land a bruise on Daredevil.

I have so many little bug bears with this series that whilst on their own they are petty but when they add up they become a real viewing problem. Maybe, just maybe I could see past them if it wasn’t for the glaring, big, massive, pink elephant in the room regarding this series. None of it would happen if Iron Fist wasn’t there.

Iron fist, main idiot

Seriously harking back to his old previous solo series where he is woefully inept at fighting ( he still is by the way), telling everyone he meets he is the Iron Fist for no reason at all, and abandoning his sacred duty of defender of Kunlun. he then comes out with such lines as :

” My masters taught me honour”
” It is my sacred duty to fight the Hand”

It’s hard to really believe him when he blatantly defected from his sacred duty when after 20 years of training from the monks to become their protector he ran off at the first opportunity to gain closure on a personal issue that happened over 2 decades before! This, of course, led to the city being slaughtered and he is unable to return meaning he not only abandoned his duty but failed a whole city of people and we are supposed to belive he is a hero.

Not only that but it seems he knows nothing of Kunlun history, mythology, legends, prophecies or languages……..How the hell did he become the Iron Fist?

Anywho back to Defenders, Iron Fist is told on multiple occasions the Hand doesn’t want him dead they want him to join them and that not only is he a weapon but he is also a key. None of this, of course, sinks in and Danny Rand does what he does best…..gets beat up. Even when his fellow heroes, who he begged desperately to team up with him, decide he should sit this out he fights them instead of seeing sense.

Basically, if Iron Fist did his job in the first place he would never have had such a poor series and we might have got a better Defenders storyline. Instead, we got Iron Fist 2 – The Doofus Strikes Back.

There are some great parts of this series. Daredevil brings some top quality fighting, Cage and Jones bring some brilliant gritty characters, Electra has an amazing character arc. A strong chorus of supporting characters that really populate the city and most of all more about the Hand, who I’m not so sure are the bad guys here. I mean they not exactly Hydra. They wanna bring life and abolish death. What utter b**st*rds!

The successful coup by Electra, which I didn’t see coming to be fair, was the only time they seemed like they might actually be taking an evil path

The Season finale comes to a climax with the Defenders deciding to blow up a city skyscraper to collapse the building on top of the hand. Yes, this will kill the 4 remaining leaders of The Hand but I’m pretty sure a global organization with as much power and influence of them will have second in commands, lieutenants, captains etc. The big glaring problem is that the hand already mined 40 storeys deep under New York without being discovered and got stopped by the seal of the Iron Fist. Now that is gone what is to stop them from digging 40 storeys again and getting the substance they required?

Luckily Danny had the rest of the Defenders with him or The Hand would have most definitely been successful, I absolutely loved the twist of them killing off Daredevil although this was ridiculously cheapened by inexplicably bringing him back right at the very end without any explanation.

All in all this was fair to middling in my opinion but alas it’s just the opinion of one geek so let us know what you think in the comments section below and of course, check clubit.tv every day for your daily news on everything toys, tech, gaming, and geek

Overall Score ……5/10