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Knight Rider set for Reboot?

KITT from Knight Rider

The latest rumour to come out of Hollywood of a reboot on the way concerns Knight Rider, that’s apparently now being developed into a new movie by The Weinstein Company.

If you’ve never had the pleasure, Knight Rider in its original guise ran from 1982 to 1986 and featured David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight. Along with his technologically advanced super car, KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand), he fought crimes and lots of them. 90 episodes were made before the show came to an end.

There’s been talk of a modern Knight Rider revival before (and there was a short-lived TV revival at the end of the last decade), but this latest iteration is said to be a comedy in the style of the Jump Street movies. John Cena is said to be targeted as the new Michael Knight, with Kevin Hart earmarked to provide his voice to KITT. These are rumours at this stage, and neither role has been cast.

There’s no writer or director seemingly involved yet, and we suspect that some caution will be exercised following the less-than-expected performance of the Baywatch movie over the summer. Of course, we will bring you more news when we have it but in the meantime, lets know what you think?

Has Hollywood run out of original ideas? Does the rebooting of childhood franchises anger you or do you see it has a great way to introduce a new younger audience into a title you love? Should they be redone in the original format? Does the fact that Knight Rider may well be remade into a dumbed down comedy and not the all action crime fighting drama upset you?

Has always let us know your thoughts in the comments section below