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Karate Kid Gets Sequel TV Series

Karate Kid, Russo

In yet another announcement of something we didn’t know we wanted, YouTube Red ( which isn’t available in the UK ) has ordered sequel to the classic 1984 Karate Kid which will star Ralph Macchio as Daniel Russo and William Zabka as Johnny Lawrence. Set 30 years after their intense tournament fight the sequel finds the pair’s rivalry still going strong.

YouTube Red has announced a 10 episode streaming series Cobra Kai that should hit the Internet in 2018.

While Pat Morita who played Mr. Miyagi has passed and won’t be in this, his character’s impact will be felt in the series as 30 years after that first tournament, Daniel is struggling with the loss his mentor and sensei while Johnny Lawrence, who is also having his own struggles in life, decides to reopen his old dojo the Cobra Kai. Their childhood rivalry soon heats up.

What do you think? does this sound cool? Is it a much-loved franchise that should be left alone and not besmirched by shameless cashing in?
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