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Destiny 2 – Twitching for Charity

Destiny 2, charity stream

Wednesday 6th September sees the long awaited launch of Destiny 2 on PS4 and XboxOne. As the sequel to quite possibly the biggest console game of recent memory it has quite a lot to live up to and naturally, the hype is through the roof for the game right now. With gamers across the globe itching to suit up as their guardians once again, prepare to fight off the impending alien hordes and be the saviour of our solar system, here at Clubit we want to take a bit of time out to think of those who aren’t always able to travel to far away lands and slay the dragon, save the princess or become the worlds number one racing driver.

In this day and age of gaming with such vibrant graphics, rich storytelling and now immersive VR we sometimes take the ability to escape this world for one that sings tales of our legend for granted. That’s why Clubit has teamed up with Indie & Niche Game Central for a charity live stream on Twitch to raise money for Special Effects.

Special Effect is a charity that adapts and creates specialised gaming equipment for disabled gamers. making our wonderful hobby accessible to all. Martin McCurdie of Indie & Niche Game Central said:
I chose Special Effect because I believe it’s a fantastic cause. They do excellent work making controllers and peripherals for people who can’t use a normal controller and lets them enjoy our beloved hobby. So come and help us save humanity, fight the Kabal and support a wonderful cause in Special Effect and help disabled gamers around the world take up the fight!”

The stream will go Live from 10pm on Friday the 8th of September so please dig deep and help everybody regardless of ability join in our wonderful hobby