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Are Crash Woah Memes Genius or Annoying?


Earlier today the wonder that is Crash Woah memes was brought to my attention and like any good meme, I went through a varied range of emotions and still find it unsettling.

First of all, lets start by explaining what a Crash Woah meme is. it’s basically taking everyone’s favourite gaming marsupial saying “Woah!” from his current chart smashing remaster and putting him over popular and classic songs like Rick Astley’s never gonna give you up as can be seen above.

When I first saw this I thought why? why would anyone do that? Then the more I listened to it the more annoying it became, but I didn’t find it anywhere near annoying has my office colleagues did, which of course meant I found it hilarious and promptly went hunting for more. Boy did I find some belters? It would be rude of me not share them with you so you can in turn share with your colleagues, who will of course shower you with praise and thanks for brightening their day.

First up we have Crash giving us his rendition of AH Ha’s hit take on me:

of course, now you are wanting more so here is the amazing Woah me up inside:

My personal favourite is this wonderful reimagining of System of a Downs Chop Suey

So what do you think? genius meme? ridiculously annoying? should we have our internet taken away if this is what we are gonna do with it? As always let us know what your thoughts are in the comments below

*Clubit takes no responsibility for any work place violence or violence of any kind that was generated by this article*