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Another Day Another Star Trek Story


It seems to be a daily thing now that I write about Star Trek every day but honestly this is one mess that just goes from bad to worse every single time news leaks out. Yesterday I asked if the new instalment to the franchise, Star Trek: Discovery was doomed before it had even aired. In that article, I mentioned that Nicholas Myer had been brought in to work on a ‘future instalment’ to the Star Trek universe.

Myer is probably best known to Trekkies as the writer for Star Trek II: The wrath of Khan. So what new exciting project has he cooked up for the viewers? A limited series that will be the prequel story of Wrath of Khan. Yep yet another prequel that nobody wants. The story comes from Geek Exchange who have this week established via their sources that Nicholas Meyer, one of the current Discovery writers and director of 1979s Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan, is working on bringing a limited series to the small screen, which will document the fallout from Kirk dropping Khan Noonien Singh off on Ceti Alpha V during original series episode ‘Space Seed’, as he and his followers try to survive long before they’re discovered by the U.S.S. Reliant, where the rest of the story began in the movie.

For the love of Spock why can’t we just get the next instalment of the Star Trek franchise? Is the writing talent that is currently in showbiz so poor that they have to rely on previous events to create new content? Surely there is a ton of talented writers that can move Star Trek forward? Or is it simply a case of studio executives not wanting to gamble on a new franchise when the events already set in place have proven bankable? As always let us know your thoughts in the comments below and for all your daily news regarding toys, tech, gaming and geek keep it right here at clubit.tv