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Algobrix: Teaching Kids to code with Lego


Last week we brought you the awesome Kickstarter that is SMALT. this week we have some truly amazing and that is Algobrix. A wonderful system that combines learning computer code with the fun of Lego.

Start-up company Algobrix has launched on Kickstarter and aims to teach kids aged five to 13 how to write code through building Lego models.

Amir Asor, the company’s CEO, says the new toy will go some way in teaching children basic science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) skills.

“Kids find it difficult to sit next to a computer and learn how to program,” he says. “The first problem is language related, and the second is that they don’t enjoy the experience.”

“We believe in hands-on learning,” he says. “Children are interested in the tangible experience of being able to program a sequence with their own hands so we decided to give them code in the form of building blocks they could play with.”

He adds: “Algobrix changes a stereotypically boring, confined experience to a playful, intuitive and fun learning experience.”

The crowdfunding campaign currently has 44 days left and is above and beyond its $50,000 target as it currently stands at almost $220,000

Kits are priced $125-$1,700 (£96-£1,300) but are available at a 40% discount for those who donate to the Kickstarter.

What do you think about Algobrix? Is this something you would buy for your child? Or is it way too early to teach kids to code? as always let us know your thoughts in the comments below and make sure you keep returning to clubit.tv for news on toys, gaming, tech and geek.