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Siren keeps Freeform on Top Form


Guest Writer
Mordred Carver

From The Gilmore Girls to Stitchers, Freeform have established themselves firmly in our homes and on our television screens. Their track record of having successful shows has been proven time and time again, crossing into genres that make every geek shed a tear of joy. 2018 will be no different as they launch a brand new show to reel in those of you with a passion for mythical creatures and a fondness for the ocean.

Siren (Formerly known as The Deep) was created by the shows executive producers Dean White (The Shield, The 100) and Eric Wald (View From The Top), this new series is sure to tantalize and tease. Set in the coastal town of Bristol Cove, a small town drenched in Merpeople legends, the legends take a sharp twist for the residents as Ryn, (Eline Powell – GoT, King Arthur Legend of the Sword) a mysterious stranger arrives in town. A fishy history like no other comes to light as the town discovers they are not alone and war with a deadly, predatory species is coming.

In Siren, we see the darker side to one of the oceans most sought after creatures. Does Ryn form a bond with resident Marine Biologist Ben? (Alex Roe – 5th Wave) Will his colleague Maddie (Fola Evans-Akingbola – An American Exorcism) scupper Ryns plans? Will Ryn be the key to stopping the coming battle between the land lubbers and the sea dwellers? How does the transformation from fish to a person happen? Perhaps that one will be answered by the towns resident “eccentric” Helen (Rena Owen – Star Wars Episodes II & III) as she does seem to know more than she’s letting on.

I know I’ll be on the edge of my seat next summer for this 10 episode season, they clearly have the right bait to hook in plenty of viewers… and not just because they believe fish are friends, not food.