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What is D23?


There has been a lot of news coming out of D23 this week that has set the geek world ablaze with conversation and descriptions of what was teased but what exactly is D23?

D23 is the official Disney fan club (the 23 stands for 1923, the year Walt Disney unleashed the House of Mouse upon an unsuspecting world) and members receive newsletters and free gifts throughout the year but more importantly they receive access to priority tickets for the bi annual D23 Expo and it is this expo that has been the source of some of the biggest stories this past weekend.

With news filtering through about live adaptations of Dumbo, Lion king and and Alladin along with exclusive footage of Wreck it Ralph, future projects from Pixar, D23 has plenty of content to set the internet alight. Then throw in the Disney owned juggernauts of Marvel and Star Wars and D23 pretty much owns all social media platforms for the weeks building up to San Diego Comic Con when the rest of the world (hopefully) gets to see the trailers and footage that those lucky fans got to see this weekend.

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