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Is Star Trek: Discovery Doomed to Fail?


As the Premiere date for Star Trek: Discovery edges ever closer, news and rumours are starting to trickle out at a fair pace. With a mix of official news and rumours swirling about it’s easy to lose track of what is true and plausible.

Luckily the guys over at Midnight’s Edge has released yet another quality video that really peels back the curtain of production and cuts through the mess. Unfortunately, for Trek fans anyway, it’s not looking good. As if the new look Klingon’s, Spock having a half sister and what seems like a complete disregard for canon wasn’t bad enough, it seems with an observant eye and a bit of digging more unsettling news becomes apparent.

First of all the Star Trek licence was split between CBS and Paramount during a corporate shake up. Basically, CBS owns the prime timeline and paramount own the Kelvin timeline. The two licences carry with them some small but pretty important details. for example, the uniforms in the Kelvin timeline have raised deltas all over them. Just like the uniforms in Discovery. We are told that Discovery is set in the Prime timeline but yet they have Kelvin timeline uniforms.

Next up is the rumour that Discovery has been cancelled even before the first episode has aired! Behind the scenes, rumours state that the cast has instructed their agents to find them new work already. The rumour of cancellation carries more weight when you see the media spin been ‘leaked’ online. Apparently, Discovery was only ever meant to be a single series as Brian Fuller pitched a serialized anthology similar to American Horror story. Now, this could have worked if it wasn’t for the fact fuller quit the show due to creative differences which suggest’s that Fuller did in fact pitch that idea, paramount rejected it but are now reviving it to save face with fans.

Finally, and adding more credence to the cancellation rumour is the news that Nicolas Myer is, in fact, working on a “future installment of Star Trek” now whether that means a future show or a show set in the future is a matter of personal interpretation but it does seem strange to have a second project in production before the first project has even aired.
There is a load more information made available in the fantastic video from Midnight’s Edge that can be viewed at the top of this article. It definitely looks like Star Trek: Discovery is everything we feared it would be and more!

Are you looking forward to Star Trek: Discovery? Or do you think it is a complete mess and possibly franchise ruining? As always let us know your thoughts in the comments below and for all your daily news, keep it here at clubit.tv