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Star Trek: Discovery Continues To Anger Fans

Anger rises as more news about the show is released


CBS has not had an easy time in drumming up support let alone hype for its new instalment to the Star Trek franchise with Star Trek: Discovery. First, it was the fact we are getting yet another prequel series instead of boldly going where no one has gone before, at least since Voyager, and move the franchise further on into the final frontier and the future. Then it was the news that the show will only be available on a dedicated streaming platform. last week we had the reveal of the Klingons which angered a lot of the fans, you can read our report on that here.


Surely this would all be put right at San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) though? Well, first up we had the trailer reveal that can be seen above.
“It’s about marrying the past with the present,” said executive producer Alex Kurtzman. “We are all huge fans of the original series and obviously we want to be accurate — we are within canon.”


That last line, “we are within canon” has quite a large section of the fanbase in disagreement. a fact that isn’t helped by the show’s lead actor, Sonequa Martin-Green tweeting some new information on her character Commander Michael Burnham. It turns that her character is, in fact, the half sister of fan favourite Mr Spock. Apparently, her character was raised on Vulcan by her surrogate father, Sarek, and human mother, Amanda. Sarek and Amanda of course been Spock’s parents meaning the two characters share the same mother.


It seems that every bit of news released regarding this show just causes the split between studio and fans to widen. The anger did not go unnoticed by the shows executive producer Alex Kurtzman when he said “We are aware Spock’s step-sister isn’t canon, Be patient with us” Unfortunately with blow after angering blow I think the Trekkies patience might have run out by now.

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