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Sony Increases Price of PlayStation Plus


Sony announced a price increase for its PlayStation Plus subscription service this morning. In an email to members Sony said:

From 00:01 BST on 31 August 2017 we are changing the prices of PlayStation®Plus.

– Annually, the price will change from £39.99 to £49.99 per annum.
– Quarterly, the price will change from £14.99 to £19.99 per quarter.
– Monthly, the price will change from £5.99 to £6.99 per month.

What this means for you

We will alter the price of a PlayStation®Plus membership at 00:01 BST on 31 August 2017. As you are an existing member, this means that all recurring subscription fees payable by you on or after 31 August 2017 will be charged at the new price. Up until 31 August 2017, you may purchase a PlayStation®Plus subscription at the current price, which will then be added (or “stacked on”) to your current membership period

So the price increase takes effect in just over a month’s time, but more importantly, membership is still stackable so if you want to be really savvy you can buy yourself a year or two of subscription now at the current price and it will ‘stack’ against your current payment plan. Meaning that if you buy a 12-month subscription now it will add a year to your current expiry date and you will save yourself tenner buy purchasing it at the current price.

This pricing does bring the UK pricing structure in line with the American model which was increased to $49.99 a year August but it does leave the question that should the US and UK digital markets are on parity with each other or should exchange rates and living costs factor in?

What are your thoughts on the PlayStation Plus price increase? Is it value for money? Do you think a price increase is warranted? Let us know in the comments below