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Is this a sign of the Timelord changing with the times?

Jodie Whittaker announced as 13th Doctor


Jodie Whittaker (Broadchurch, Black Mirror) was announced as the 13th incarnation of the BBC’s iconic Timelord last night and the first female actor to take on the role in the programmes 50 year history.
This announcement has caused interesting and sometimes heated debates on the issues of equality in the entertainment industry that has seen a seismic split in the programmes fan base.
Some argue that a female Doctor has been long overdue and is a fantastic achievement for feminism. Others argue that this is merely a box ticking exercise on a diversity form and is bringing politics into a science fiction show where they don’t belong.
A certain section of fans feel empowered to see a female in the lead role of a franchise that is recognised world wide. Whilst others feel that changing genders of a traditionally male character only highlights the lack of strong, original roles for women in TV and film.
With so many contrasting opinions one thing is for certain, this debate isn’t stopping anytime soon. Are you for or against the doctor being female or do you not care either way? Will a female Doctor make you stop watching the show or make you start watching it? Let us know in the comment section below