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Shocking news! Deadpool is violent and swears!!!

BBFC releases its list of movies that received the most complaints in 2016


The Britsh Film and Classification Board has released it 2016 report for complaints in 2016 and the valentines weekend smash hit Deadpool tops the list with 51 complaints, primarily about the level of violence in the movie, sex references and strong language. Given that the film was rated 15 in the UK ( R in the USA) we can only assume that these cinema goers assumed it came with a 12A rating which is the norm for superhero movies. The BBFC noted that its guidance comfortably covered the film’s material.

Suicide Squad was in second place, with a similar problem. 30 complaints were received, mainly from children under the age of 15, or their parents, who were hoping the movie would have got a 12A certificate. The BBFC classified Suicide Squad as 15, so most of the complaints were mainly from people who couldn’t see it, rather than those who did.

Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children was the most complained about 12A feature in 2016, with 20 people writing in, With most complaints being that it’s too scary a movie for the 12A rating that it got. There were further complains about trailers for the film being shown before screenings of Finding Dory and Swallows & Amazons (classified U and PG respectively).

Other films to score high in the complaints department were:
Jason Bourne – 19 people complained about the level of violence in the 12A-rated spy thriller.
Sausage Party – unsurprisingly 19 people weren’t happy with the strong sex references and level of naughty language in the 15 rated animated feature.
10 Cloverfield lane – 18 people wrote in about the level of violence in the film which was classified 12A.
Batman V Superman – 10 complaints were received regarding the threat, dark tone and violence contained in the Warner Bros / DC superhero face off.

The full BBFC report can be found here for those who are interested in reading more and for those who want to get their geek on head over to clubit.co.uk for toys, tech and gaming