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Round Up Of Marvels SDCC Announcements.


This year’s San Diego Comic Con has come to an end and we have a lot of news to pick through. So today we are gonna go over what the two big power houses of geek entertainment Marvel and DC brought to the convention. You can find our round up of DC announcements here.

Marvel, whilst thin on the ground for those fans at home, didn’t disappoint this year. with the fantastic trailer for Thor: Ragnarok which can be seen at the top of this article stealing the show for online releases. There was Avengers Infinity War footage shown. Which seems to be the same footage that was shown at D23 a few weeks ago but unfortunately all that has been released online of that is a very poor quality phone camera video of half the screen. Which I expect to be taken down shortly by Marvel.

Next up was the reveal that upcoming film Captain Marvel will be set in the 90’s and its villains will be the evil shapeshift aliens The Skrull. This was probably the biggest surprise of Marvel’s news since the Skrull are a fantastic four enemy and as such was considered to be tied up in the rights owned by Fox. It will be interesting to see what news we can gather on that in the coming months.

Those lucky enough to be in Hall H also got treated to some brand new footage from upcoming adventure Black Panther which has still to be released online.

In terms of TV shows, we got the brand new trailer for Netflix ensemble series The Defenders just in time for its August release. The Inhumans got a new extended trailer that looked very interesting but surprisingly there was no mention of Agents of Shield which is scheduled for a fall release.