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Pennywise is Back in New IT Trailer


The entirety of the internet hid behind hands, dived behind sofas and instantly remembered childhood horrors last night. What caused this mass fear you ask? well, it’s none other than slayer of childhood sleep, destroyer of circus attendance numbers and the reason clowns became unemployed. It is of course none other than Pennywise from the classic Stephen King IT.

The novel was turned into a TV mini series in the 90’s and scared an entire generation. now almost 20 years later Pennywise is back and this time on the big screen and boy does this look scary. The new trailer arrived yesterday and can be seen above. It doesn’t disappoint! if you’re scared of clowns prepared to be comatose with fear. If clowns don’t bother you then they soon will as just the trailer alone is pant wetting. God knows what the film has in store for us if this is just a two minute peek.

Some corners of the internet were unsure when Bill Skarsgard (Allegiant, Hemlock Grove) was cast to take on the iconic role made famous by the legend that is Tim Curry, even more concerns were raised when we saw the new design of Pennywise himself but I think it’s safe to say those fears have disappeared and been replaced with a big clown shaped fear. The new look that was met with such a cold reaction on its first reveal now looks to be perfectly terrifying and somehow seems to fit perfectly within the context of the trailer.

What did you think of the trailer? Will this replace the 90’s classic series? Did you find the trailer scary? as always let us know your thoughts in the comments below and check in with clubit.tv for your fix of daily news for all things, geek, toy, gaming and tech