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A New (old?) Player Has Joined!

Atari announces its first console in 24 years

Atari Box

Gaming legend Atari officially threw its hat back into the console market and gave us a little teaser of it’s first console in 24 years…….. The AtariBox. Details are pretty thin on the ground still but the images will excite any gamer in their 30’s. As can be seen in the image above Atari have gone for the unmistakable and iconic wood panel look of the Atari 2600 that saw them dominate the gaming market in the 1970’s. If the retro style isn’t for you then below is the modern design version of the console that comes in red and black

Atari emailed fans to say the new console would feature “modern internal specs” which may possibly mean it can play new games as well as relive old memories with its extensive and well known catalogue of classic games. It has been confirmed that new console will have an HDMI output, 4 USB inputs and an SD card slot although any further specs have yet to be released. Atari is marketing the Ataribox as being capable of playing classic games, presumably through a built-in selection of old-school Atari titles, as well as “current gaming content.” Unlike Nintendo’s hugely successful NES Classic Edition, this machine includes an SD-card reader, which suggests owners will be able to load up games of their own and possibly buy more from some sort of online marketplace.

There is no details on price or even a release date yet but we will be sure to keep our eye out and bring you the news as soon as it is confirmed. In the meantime why not head over to clubit.co.uk and check out our range of gaming accessories