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Is Micro chipping Employees the Inevitable Future of Technology?

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are these tiny chips soon to be implanted in all of us?

Technology is advancing at an exponential rate that is unprecedented in the entirety of human existence. Every week sees numerous technological breakthroughs or wondrous concept designs. The artificial intelligence that once belonged in Hollywood science fiction movies now sits in our living rooms and is called Alexa. We carry the complete encyclopaedia of every thing the human race has ever learned, created or theorised in our pockets and don’t give a second thought to just how amazingly powerful and capable our smartphones are.

Once we stop and realise how quickly the technology in smart phones has advanced in the last 10 years alone, It’s only natural to ask where will technology take us in the next 10 years? Well, one Wisconsin based vending machine company might have the answer. Three Square Market has announced today that it will become the first U.S company to install RFID (radio frequency identification) micro chips in its employees.

The RFID micro chips are about the size of a grain of rice and are implanted in the hand between the thumb and forefinger. Employees will be able to use them to scan and open doors, make purchases in the break room, login to computers, and use the copy machine.

The company was quick to point out that programme is completely optional and insists that the RFID microchips cannot be used to track GPS and that data between chip and reader is encrypted. The microchips are similar to those found in Near Field Communication Devices (NFC) such as mobile phones and contactless payment cards.

Whilst some may consider this an amazing breakthrough in technology others will no doubt see it as invasive. We choose to give people the option of tracking us by GPS every day when we carry a smartphone around or check in to a bar or restaurant on social media, so is a RFID chip really any different? Having a mobile phone used to be a novelty not too long ago and now it is considered a necessity by most, so at what point does micro chipping become the accepted norm of society and what wonderful uses will we find for it?

Could our entire medical records, passport, work history, phone book and music be stored and accessed from a small chip in our hand?
Will we be tagged and tracked by the government and intelligence services?
Will it help fight crime and catch criminals?
We micro Chip our pets so why not our loved ones?

Would YOU volunteer to be chipped by your employer or are you completely against the whole notion? Let us know what side of the fence you are on and why in the comments below.