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Han Solo Spin Off Movie Back In Production

new teaser photos from the set

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The as of yet untitled Star Wars spin-off movie telling the story of a young Han Solo has been besieged with production woes in recent weeks. The biggest of which was the decision to remove directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller of their responsibilities. The reason given for the sudden change was that Disney Executives were apparently unhappy with the tone and pace of the film.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and everything seems to be happy once more on set, as new director Ron Howard took to social media to tease us with a few photos. First up was a cheeky shot Lando Calrissian wardrobe

Then we were treated to a pic of Ron Howard lining up a shot of the young Lando Calrissian in his directors monitor.

Howard is quite active on his Instagram page so we hope to see more teasing photos over the coming months. The Han Solo spin off film is scheduled for next summer but with re-shoots planned and a change in director this date might well be moved. While your waiting for the next installment of the epic saga, you can find some great Star Wars merchandise over at clubit.co.uk