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What Exactly Does the Marvel and Fox Team Up Mean?

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Marvel and Fox have announced that they will team up by co-developing a new action-RPG mobile game with Fox owned game studio, Aftershock.

“Aftershock is creating something special and we are thrilled to finally announce this news,” said Marvel’s Senior VP of Games and Innovation, Jay Ong, in an official statement. “The game will be the full package: an exciting storyline, epic moments with Marvel super heroes and super villains, and incredible visuals that truly bring our characters to life. It’s shaping up to be one of our biggest and boldest projects in our mobile portfolio, and we know it will exceed our fans’ expectations.”

The fact that developer Aftershock is owned by Fox is what will have fans excited. As Fox so happens to also control the rights to certain Marvel properties – namely X-Men – it’s entirely possible that this upcoming mobile title will feature both MCU heroes and Fox-controlled characters. Could this be the start of Marvel and Fox playing nice together and maybe working towards other partnership deals?

Things between the two productions haven’t been too good over recent years. With the massive box office failure of the dismal reboot of Fantastic Four by Fox and Marvel completely ceasing to release any new Fantastic Four comics in order to starve fox of new storylines. Marvel even went so far as to stop producing mutants for the X-men, instead focusing on the Inhumans instead.

With the announcement of this new RPG for mobile, could we be seeing the beginning of a cooperation that ends with the X-men, the Fantastic Four and Deadpool joining the MCU?

What do you guys think? Are we reading too much into this? Are we getting our hopes up for something that will never happen? As always let us know your thoughts in the comments below and we will keep you updated with more news as it arrives.