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Is It Destiny Set To Repeat Itself?

We give our report on the Destiny 2 beta


The Destiny 2 beta went live for all console gamers this weekend giving guardians new and old a chance to experience the game for the first time. Straight from the off, you notice the upgrade in graphics from the previous outing with an abundance of colour. The opening cinematic and subsequent mission have more story in than the whole of the previous game. I felt we were off to a good start.

Unfortunately, that is about all the praise I can give Destiny 2. I have absolutely nothing else positive to say about it. The PvE mission seems to be the exact same formula as the previous iteration with rooms full of aliens followed by long empty winding corridors until you get to the next room full of aliens and the obligatory bullet sponge bad guy. All of which have the same lack of AI which is limited to jumping out from behind boxes or running side to side.

The guns have been reclassed by ammo type and not the gun type which means sniper rifles are now in the same slot as rocket launchers. This was implemented to make PVP more balanced and while this might work it seems to be to the detriment of the PvE experience.

Moving on to the strike I ran this through twice. The first time with randomers and it was the same cold, uninteresting feeling I got doing so in Destiny. The second run through was with friends and whilst this was extremely enjoyable it did highlight just what destiny is, a social platform with guns. You don’t mind the grind and sometimes don’t even notice it as you are having a laugh with friends. Talking, joking, messing about, it’s great. It is also achievable on a vast majority of games such as Diablo 3, Titanfall 2 and GTA Online.

By this point, the beta left me feeling cold and uninterested so I didn’t bother trying the PvP element of the beta. I had become disconnected to the game and I have never been a big fan of PvP anyway. I always hated it when missions would require me to do a certain task in PvP. According to some reports, the new 4 v 4 teams give the game a more balanced and improved experience but I personally wouldn’t be able to tell you.

All in all the beta for Destiny 2 left me feeling uninspired and with absolutely no desire to buy this on release. The beta felt like a poor expansion than a sequel and offered absolutely no innovation or new features on its predecessor. I was looking forward to getting the band back together and adventuring with my old fire team but I get the impression it’s gonna be the same as before. If no one is online then there is nothing I can do in the game. At least with GTA Online I can have the same fun with friends or have plenty to do on my own.

What are your thoughts on the Destiny 2 beta? Did it impress you or leave you deflated? let us know in the comments below