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The DCEU Encounters the Moustache of Steel!

Is this the worlds most expensive moustache?


Hot on the back of a fairly well received DCEU trailer for Justice League at San Diego Comic Con earlier this week, Warner Bros seem to have shrugged off the hype and gone back to the doubt and worry that seems to surround the DCEU no matter what it does. After only a few days grace the rumours of a troubled production and some quite frankly hilarious details of digital trickery have emerged. there is a lot to go through so let us jump straight into it.

Earlier this year Zack Snyder stepped down as the director due to a family tragedy and Josh Whedon stepped in to oversee the already planned reshoots. Well, it turns out the reshoots may not be going exactly as first planned. Thanks to reports from The Hollywood Reporter and Variety, It is been reported that Snyder will retain a full directors credit whilst Josh Whedon will share the writer and producer credits.

Up next is the news that the reshoots are going to be more “extensive” than was first confirmed with the cost being an estimated $25m. It seems the action scenes are to remain in place with the emphasis being on the scenes that increase the characterisation and dialogue. Now factor in that to reshoot these scenes or film completely new ones you need the actual actors and that is not so easy. Jason Mamoa is presently shooting the Aquaman solo movie in Australia, Ezra Miller just started the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Sequel, and Henry Cavill is travelling the world as part of the cast of Mission: Impossible 6.

That brings us nicely to Henry Cavill and the fun part of this story. Cavill is currently filming Mission Impossible 6 and is sporting a mighty example of a moustache as can be seen below:

Now the problem with this is that the Man of Steel has no facial hair in the Justice League movie and since he is jumping between production sets to film, Paramount, who distributing Mission impossible 6, are refusing to let him shave off his luscious lip warmer. So Warner Bros have no choice but to remove his moustache through digital means. This, of course, begs the question just how much of that estimated $25m cost of the reshoots is on removing the offending facial hair?

It does, however, lead to amazing fan made films like this to keep us entertained: