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Darkwing Duck is back to Save the day!


Geeks across the world are looking forward to the Duck Tales reboot that is due to hit our screens in September courtesy of Disney XD. So far the clips we have seen and the great voice acting of David Tennant as Scrooge McDuck has got children and adults alike excited. Now there is a reason to turn that excitement all the way up to 11 as it has been confirmed that not only will the show reboot Ducktales but Darkwing Duck too!

Yep, The terror that flaps in the night is returning to Duckburg along with other unconfirmed characters from our childhoods. The official announcement stated that other memorable characters from the Disney Afternoon cartoons of the 90’s will also be making appearances in the show. Whether this means we can look forward to seeing the crew of Tail Spin or even the Rescue Rangers Chip n’ Dale remains to be seen. all we know right now is that we can’t wait to see this stalwart of our childhood return to our screens and to pass on the love of our childhood to our own children.

DuckTales will premiere in an unconventional way. First, a one-hour TV movie titled Woo-oo!, will air on Saturday, Aug. 12 at midnight on Disney XD. It will air again an hour later, and an hour later and an hour later, until Woo-oo! will have covered an entire 24 hours of programming on the channel. The show’s first two regular-length episodes will air on Sep. 23, released simultaneously on Disney XD, video on demand, and through the network’s app.

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