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Is There a Dark Side to Pixar’s Hit Franchise Cars?

Deep realisation or pointless overthinking


Cars 3 is enjoying a good run in the UK cinemas right now but whilst children are loving the adventures of Lightning McQueen and the gang, some corners of the internet are taking things down a very dark route.

When it comes to writing for television and film one of the biggest constraints of writers is that dreaded word canon. It’s almost a swear word at times, exasperating writers who want to weave amazing narratives. thwarting the executives who want to tie new stories into a commercially successful franchise in order to keep the gravy train running. In days gone by breaking cannon wasn’t such a problem as such discrepancies would only be discussed among small circles of friends, but in today’s golden age of information a slight discrepancy can become a major crime within hours. Fans amass on social media to discuss even the tiniest minutia of a production, nothing is safe. From Superman flattening metropolis to whether Han shot first.

So surely its easier for writers to build brand new worlds right?…..wrong! The latest victim to fall under the scrutiny of geeks is none other than Disney Pixars hit franchise Cars. Not content to allow a family friendly film to just entertain a theory soon popped on Screen Rant the origins of Cars and how their universe came about. bear in mind this theory may not be suitable for children as it takes quite a dark path.

With Cars 3 recently released here in the UK, Den of Geek writer Simon Brew added a list of important questions that have been left unanswered by the recent instalment which can be read here

“It’s just a kids film” I hear you scream, but this is the nature of the modern geek. The battle of enjoyment versus internal logic. In this digital age it isn’t enough to just enjoy a film, we have to understand its world, it’s Eco systems and it’s processes.

Have we reached an enlightened age where viewers are more intelligent as a collective and demand more cerebral entertainment or has the internet spoilt us with information overload to the point we ruin any enjoyment we find in entertainment? Sound of in the comments below and let us know your thoughts or purchase a Lightning McQueen mousemat from clubit.co.uk to help you surf the net looking for the next franchise destroying overthinking article