Batman Isn’t Human!?


    Batman is the worlds greatest detective, trained by the league of assassins, knows every martial art in the world and is just pretty much all round better than anyone in any category. Now it seems we know why the caped crusader is capable of being such an awesome, multi talented guy. You see, it turns out that the dark knight isn’t actually human!

    Part of Batman’s appeal to fans has been that he is just a guy, albeit a very rich one, who has had enough of crime and decides to take control of the situation and become a hero. he doesn’t have any superpowers, he can’t blast lasers out of his eyes, he doesn’t have super speed. What he does have is an internal desire to bring both heroes and villains in check. He is just a man standing up against the darkness. The justice league is pinned on the fact he is the one member that is human.

    All that is about to change though. In the upcoming Suicide Squad #22 Amanda Waller straight out calls the Batman a metahuman. This revelation suggests that the United States Federal Government in the DC Universe considers Batman to be a metahuman placing him alongside people like Aquaman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and everyone else he has stood beside all these years.

    There is a reason for the justification that allows for the Dark Knight’s inclusion in the extraordinary human category and it has to do with Nth metal. Because Batman once had contact with the metal dionesium, which contains Nth metal properties, he was restored to peak condition. This interaction has made the Dark Knight a metahuman so far as the government is concerned and he isn’t the only one.

    The Joker revealed that Nth metal can create unexpected changes once it enters the bloodstream and while it has only healed Batman, that doesn’t mean it won’t alter his body chemistry in other ways. The revelation of Batman’s new classification will likely join others as DC gears up to its upcoming Metal event so we might just see a few more humans gain the meta prefix as the build-up continues.

    How does this reclassification of Batman make you feel? Is it not really a big deal? Does this fundamentally change the core of the character? As always let us know what you think in the comments below and for all you geek news remember you can get all your updates at the same Bat website, at the same Bat time every day at