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DC round up of San Diego Comic Con Announcements


San Diego Comic Con has finished for another year and it didn’t disappoint in the wealth of content it supplied and the hype generated. In this article, we will run through just what exactly DC showed us, teased us with and rumours that came about.

First up let us take a look at the DCEU. The DCEU has struggled to take off as well as Warner Bros hoped. Batman v Superman was a divisive film and things didn’t get much better with suicide squad. Wonder woman, on the other hand, is a runaway success so maybe DC has finally got out of the starting blocks. This seems to be the thinking of Warner Bros as they announced nine, yes nine, films that are either in production or about to start.

Those nine films are:
Suicide Squad 2
The Batman
Justice League Dark
Green Lantern Corps
The Flash / Flashpoint
Wonder Woman 2

The announcement that the Flash solo film is called Flashpoint is an interesting one. Flash point is the comic book story arc where Barry Allen travels back in time to prevent his mother’s death at the hands of reverse flash and ends up changing the world in weird and wonderful ways. Such as Thomas Wayne becoming Batman and Martha Wayne becoming the Joker. I mention the Batman as it has been rumoured that Ben Affleck will be hanging up the cowl after Justice league and a flash point storyline will give a nice neat way to recast the caped crusader.

Next up is the CWverse. The TV arm of DC but completely unconnected with any of the films of the DCEU
Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl all got trailers for their upcoming series this fall. Supergirl seems to be feeling the effects of her actions that stopped the Daxamite invasion, Central City is missing the scarlet speedster, Arrow and the gang are trying to overcome the fallout of Prometheus scheming and the legends continue to be the rag tag group of outcasts and misfits that made last season such a joy to watch.

I think the CWverse will continue to go from strength to strength, although personally, I would like to see Arrow replaced with Constantine. I’m still till be won over by the DCEU but having a slate of 9 films is an impressive commitment to a project that has stuttered from the off.

As always let us know your thoughts on everything DC down in the comment section below.