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Nintendo Switch Voice Chat Finally Goes Live

Don't get too excited though, it's a mess


Nintendo’s long awaited online chat function for the Switch arrived yesterday and it is not looking good.

Nintendo’s new console, The Nintendo Switch, launched without voice chat capability so players have had to wait for the release of the Splatoon 2 companion app to see just how online communication is going to work. With Nintendo being famous the world over for its innovation in gaming, gamers have been waiting to see what new and amazing way Nintendo are going to approach this issue.

It seems the answer is to turn it into a complete mess. Players have to download the Splatoon companion app to their phones in order to access voice chat, the chat function only works if you’re in a game and will disconnect if you use your phone for anything else such as a text or even if your phone screen goes into standby mode.
The fact you need your screen to be constantly on means your phone battery is going to drain very quickly. This causes massive problems for iPhone users since you can’t charge your phone and use earphones at the same time due to the removal of the 3.5mm jack port. All these complaints mean there is a wide range of apps such as Skype that are a lot better suited to online voice chat than the official Nintendo solution.

The consensus is that Nintendo has taken this approach to keep online chat as safe and secure as possible for children online but with voice/party chat being a staple function of modern console gaming since the PS3 and XBOX 360 era this solution just isn’t cutting it with gamers.
With the world waiting to see just exactly what Nintendo has planned for its online subscription service, due to launch later this year, this complete non-solution to voice chat has got players thinking that Nintendo is completely inept when it comes to moving forward with technology that they didn’t invent.

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