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300 Jedi v 60,000 Medieval Foot Soldiers!

Pick a winner and place your bets!


The internet is a wonderful place for geeks, it feeds and inspires our creativity to the point of pure undeniable awesomeness. Today is one of those wonderful days where inventiveness, curiosity and pure talent combine to answer the age old question that no one ever asked…….who would win in a fight between 300 Jedi and 60,000 medieval foot soldiers?

YouTuber SergiuHellDragoonHQ used the PC game Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator to answer this particular conundrum and boy are we glad he did! The video (at the top of this article) is about half an hour long but well worth the view.

This isn’t SergiuHellDragoonHQ first foray into massive battles. the YouTube channel has over 120 videos for Ultimate Epic Battle simulator alone, along with massive battles from other games such as Rome 2 Total War, Warhammer and much more. Honestly, we could spend all day looking through these videos so a friendly warning, make sure your boss is out of the office before you start drooling over the genius that went in to creating such visual delights.

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