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Introducing the Vinco Fly Trackable RFID Travel Smart Wallet


No More Worrying About Losing Your Wallet!

It’s time for us to have a smart wallet, almost everything in today’s world is going smart, from phones and TV’s to the connected home, so it’s great to add the one thing that holds our valuable possessions to the list, our wallets!

This wallet is made from full skinned vegetable tanned leather imported from the fashion capital, Italy.

The smart wallet holds every type of currency and all passport sizes, making it convenient to people worldwide.

Made of a high standard of quality and fine stitching, this wallet really does tick all the boxes.

Available in two contrasting colors there’s something here for everyone!

The Smart Part of the Smart Wallet

The Smart Wallet has a two-way tracking system is hidden inside which will last for over a year, not only that but it is also lined with RFID (Radio-frequency identification) for your protection from wireless passport theft, which is paired with the tracker.


Key Points:

  • It works both ways, you can find your smartphone with the tracker.
  • The smartphone will alert you even on Silent!
  • When out of range, you’ll get notifications when users walks past the wallet
  • Keeps all travel essentials protected

For more info on the Vinco Fly Smart Trackable RFID Travel Wallet, you can go to the source here