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From Pagers to Basic Phones to Modern Smartphones


Who remembers having a pager?

Pagers were first created by Al Gross in 1921 and first patented in 1949. They weren’t readily available to the public until the early 1990’s.

They became the modern hip thing to have for youngsters and adults alike, a simple notification device that was fitted to your jeans or belt.

There was also the first mobile hand phone created in 1973 by John F Mitchell and Martin Cooper of Motorola. The phone weighed a whopping 2KG!

In 1983 the commercially available mobile phone was created, and that was the start of a whole journey of mobile to smartphones.

It’s not just the software and appearance of the phones that have changed, but also the trends.

The trend in the early 2000’s was, ‘the smaller the phone, the better.’

That has obviously changed, with top tech brands releasing bigger smartphones as time goes on.

One of the most remembered mobile phones of all time is the Nokia 33-30.

Nokia 3330The first thing most people remember is the game, Snake and Snake 2. (The games were also available on previous Nokias).

This was when mobile phones had a sudden transition. Bulky with large aerials sticking out to smaller and without the obvious use of an aerial.

From here, the evolving mobile phone became a smartphone in the mid-2000’s with the largest brands competing to the stage.

The first smartphones featured rubbish to a mediocre use of the internet and a camera that displayed more blur than anything else.

It was from here that the constant improvement became part of the norm with a new smartphone now being released almost every month!

We all know what smartphones have got to today, the question is:

What are smartphones going to be and do in the next 20 years?

We are assuming that they will no longer be any smartphones around because they will be a part of our smart clothing and watches. (Smart watches are already a ‘thing’).

What do you think?

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