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Fancy a game of ROBLOX? London Toy Fair 2017


Roblox is the game that YOU Create!

You may hear school youngsters all over talking about Roblox, a game in which YOU create.

David Bazucki and Erik Cassal are the creators.

You can create your own games using coding as well as play other games created by users in a multiplayer environment.

So far, there are over 15 million games on Roblox created by users and game development fanatics.

You can play/use this on a PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Amazon devices or Xbox One.

We came across the Jazwares (Who produce the toys) stand at the London toy fair 2017, and they have toy releases based on the user generated games!

They have released 40 new physical toy products this in February and users can earn a royalty based on the sales. The Roblox company is providing an opportunity to users.

What an opportunity, users can earn a commision on games and toys!”

Jazwares produce the Roblox toys. ( Jazwares also produce toys for Minecraft, as well as Skylanders and many more big name toy brands.)

We managed to get some footage at the toy fair, check it out.

JazWares @ the London Toy Fair

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