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Laser X at the London Toy Fair 2017 with Clubit TV

Laser X

We caught up with the Laser X team at the London toy fair 2017 and it was awesome!

You will love Laser X because, well, we all loved a game of Tig as children (or tag in the USA), a fun game we all have memories about from our childhood.

With the Laser X, you can have even more fun with this game using child-friendly laser guns and vests.

Have your guns ready, put on your vests, and have fun!

The blasters have a pinpoint accuracy of up to 200 feet and the provided vest counts your on target shots.

The power indicator lets you know when to reload and the interactive voice coach helps you to stay focused on your game.

This comes with stereo sound, full-color lighting, and even music to create a full gaming experience for everyone to enjoy.

We did some filming at the toy fair, and our presenters decided to interview the Laser X team and get a demonstration of the blasters.

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