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Jamie Raven from Britains Got Talent @ London Toy Fair 2017


I got to meet Jamie Raven from Britains Got Talent at the 2017 London Toy Fair and it was epic!

Jamie Raven was a contestant on BGT 2015 and came in 2nd place with his incredible magic. Wowing the judges with card magic and money magic was what he did well.

Jamie has gone from performing in small Working Men’s Clubs to performing for celebrities and CEO’s such as Sir Richard Branson.

At the toy fair, this year he was launching his new magic sets for children to learn from. There were four from what I can remember and they ranged from a mind reading magic set, a street magic set, a card magic set, and one other which I don’t recall.

Jamie was performing magic, and our junior Clubit Presenter Thalia volunteered as a spectator.

The Magic

He did some fantastic card magic, but there was something he did that got some serious attention from people, and when he did it, Uri Geller came to mind.

Uri Geller was famous in the 1980’s for bending cutlery by just gently rubbing the handle, Jamie did this too but took it to a whole new level.

He took a metal fork, and had it examined and signed with a marker (to prove that he won’t switch it for a different, gimmicked fork), he waved it and WHAM! there was magically a bend in one of the prongs on the fork!

Jamie then placed the fork in the child’s hand and asked him to blow. When the boy opened his hand, the center of the fork had twisted!

Jamie wasn’t finished yet, he took the fork, waved it and BAM! Each prong on the fork was bent in a different direction! Fantastic Magic!

As a magician myself, we obviously had to conversate. He was friendly and easy to talk to, very professional and his enthusiasm for magic shined through him.

Not only was his magic good, but so was his performance ability and audience control. He always had a smile and made sure that people enjoyed his entertainment.


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