Have you had the Facebook dislike button yet?


Some people may receive the Facebook dislike button before others.

This news has been going around for years regarding the Facebook dislike button. However, it’s not quite like we think, or expecting it to be.

It seems like Facebook are experimenting this with Messenger rather than the expected news feed.

Some people will receive the dislike button in the same way as the reactions options in the newsfeed.

The messenger reaction options look’s ‘like’ (pun intended) it will include the thumbs up like, thumbs down dislike, heart eyes, LOL, wow, sad and angry.

Facebook say that they have taken a long time contemplating the dislike button as they don’t want to promote negativity. They regard the thumbs down option as more of a “no option” rather than a dislike.

None of this is set in stone as of yet, however, we are certainly expecting the thumbs down option at some point from the “present now” to very soon.

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