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Top 5 toys for 2017 According to us! Clubit TV

Top 5 toys

After attending London Toy Fair in January, we asked ourselves “what are going to be the top 5 toys in 2017” and this is what we found.

We evaluated the top 5 toys based on feedback, quality, and fun factor. Some of the toys even won awards at London Toy Fair 2017.

let’s get to it!

5Play-Doh Doctor Drill “n” Fill Retro Pack

This Play-Doh has been a big hit since day one, however, this is not just play-doh.

Your little one will become a dentist with this exciting play-doh set and fill cavities, brush teeth, make braces and more.

It comes supplied with Toy Dentist head, Play-Doh and toy dentist equipment.

Now let’s get those teeth sorted!

You can buy the Play-Doh Doctor Drill n Fill set from Amazon for £20.99 – Buy it

4Wicked Socker Bopper Body Bubble Ball

The Wicked Socker Bopper Body Bubble Ball is a giant bubble that you wear. It has sparked Zorb football where you wear an inflatable bubble and try and play football.

Step inside the bubble and let the fun begin.

The Socker Bopper Body Bubble Ball won the Outdoor Toy of the Year Award at London Toy Fair 2017 and will be available in spring for £49.99.

3Magformers Neon LED set – Construction and Building Sets

What do you get when you mix fun and brain development together?

The answer is Magformers!

The Magformers Neon LED set comes with a variety of triangles and squares as well as LED panels.

Adding the various colors to the shapes and model pieces can stimulate a child’s senses.

You can buy Magformers from Amazon for £44.99 – Buy it

2LEGO Creator Ferris Wheel

For slightly older children, this LEGO kit contains 2464 pieces and is suggested for those 16+. Once your LEGO Ferris Wheel is built, turn the crank to watch it move.

You can buy the LEGO Creator Ferris Wheel from Amazon for around £150 – Buy it

1Shopkins Chef Club Hot Spot Kitchen

Let them experience being a professional chef with the Shopkins Chef Club Hot Spot Kitchen Pack. This also comes with two exclusive Shopkins recipe books for real life kitchen fun as too!

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