Stretch Armstrong Has A Whole New Crew


The popular toy from the 1970s made a comeback last year. Now Stretch Armstrong has a whole new crew and an old enemy.

The famous Stretch Armstrong made a huge return in 2016, along with a new addition to the Stretch family, Stretch Scooby. At London Toy Fair 2017, Hasbro unveiled their latest range of Stretches including old favourites and some new additions.

The Stretch Monster

Stretch Armstrong Monsters
The Stretch Monster from Hasbro at London Toy Fair 2017

The Stretch Monster is the most collectible stretch figurine ever made. The scaley skin pattern is great too. The Stretch Monster is a favorite of a lot of the brands’ collectors.

Vac-Man The Stretch Armstrong Rival

Another classic figurine from the 1970’s is Stretch Armstrong’s nemesis, Vac-Man.

By attaching a pump to a socket on Vac-Man’s head, air can be sucked out until the body becomes rigid. It can then be stretched, but unlike Stretch Armstrong, it will retain its stretched shape until air is let back in.

Vac-Man is manufactured with different materials than the Stretch figurine and made by Cap Toys who then sold to Hasbro back in 1994.

Stretch Screamers
Stretch Screamers scream when you stretch them

Other characters include Fetch Armstrong, the stretchy sausage dog, Stretch Monster, Flash, and more.

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