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The World’s Very First Passenger Drone @ CES 2017

Passenger Drone

At the CES in Las Vegas

We were at CES 2017 (Consumer Electronics Show) and came across the world’s very first passenger drone!

There are lot’s of different drones around these days, from the standard flying drones to more sophisticated drones that have added features.

This Autonomous Aerial Vehicle Passenger Drone was created with full redundancy, so if part of the vehicle functions incorrectly, it will still operate a normal flight.

This provides safety for everyone, whether in the vehicle or not.

They call this the Ehang 184, an autonomous Aerial Vehicle (AVV), the creators in China say –

“The Ehang 184 AVV is the safest, smartest and eco-friendly low altitude autonomous aerial vehicle, aiming at providing short to medium distance communication and transportation vehicle.”

A few key points about this Passenger Drone –

  • It is powered by electricity only
  • Embedded with Ehang fail-safe system, autoland in times of system failures
  • Ability to fly one passenger
  • Dynamic balance and wind resistance
  • Net weight 240KG
  • Max flight height 3500m

This is more of a mini real life helicopter than a drone, a real example of our future.

Maybe we looking at the future of everyday public vehicles right now, the Ehang 184 may be seen in the history books and classed as the start of public flying vehicles.

The drone will be used in Dubai as a taxi service as of July 2017, transporting one slim adult up to 50km.

Check out the footage below, which we took in Las Vegas @ the CES 2017

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