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Nokia 3310 Is Making a Return In 2017

Nokia 3310 Re-launch

Leaked reports show that HMD – the company with the license to make Nokia branded phones – are releasing a new Nokia 3310 in 2017.

Reports from VentureBeat seem to suggest that the manufacturer will be relaunching the much-loved Nokia 3310. 7 years after it’s 2000 release, the iconic phone could be making a comeback.

The announcement is expected to officially be made at the Nokia HMD event on 26th February, alongside two new Nokia smartphones – Nokia 5 and Nokia 3.

Nokia is likely hoping that nostalgia-gripped tech lovers pick up the new Nokia 3310 as a second phone to their smartphone at just €59 (around £49). The 3310 was best known for its sturdiness, long battery life and interchangeable cases.

It’s likely that Nokia are also using the Nokia 3310 as a marketing ploy to draw attention to its new smartphones. The Nokia 5 is said to be priced at €199 (£168) and is a step down from the Nokia 6 that was launched in China last year. The 6 is likely to be launched worldwide at this event.

Snake on the Nokia 3310
Snake on the Nokia 3310

They will also be announcing an entry-level android device, the Nokia 3, that will be priced at a very reasonable €149 (£126).

In all honesty, we’re just hoping the Nokia 3310 still has Snake.