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Magician Meets Magician – Childhood Hero Marvin’s Magic! London Toy Fair 2017

Mattiello Magic meets Marvin's Magic

“We had a conversation and decided to show each other a trick using a regular deck of cards. From Magician to Magician, I feel like we amazed each other!”

The London toy fair 2017 was brilliant! It was my first time to attend the annual convention with the Clubit team and I got to talk to some great people. One of those people was Marvin Berglas. Marvin is the founder of the highly rated children’s magic brand Marvins Magic. For 30 years, Marvin’s Magic has produced children’s magic sets. Some of those children have become some of the greatest magicians of today.

Where It All Started

Marvin’s dad is a magician and psychological illusionist called David Berglas, he is respected and admired from magicians all over the world, including Celebrity magicians too.

David was the president of the Inner Magic Circle in London, one of the most prestigious magic clubs/societies in the world.

He has been featured on TV many times and even Channel 4’s famous psychological illusionist Derron Brown is a fan of David’s work. In Derron’s book Trick of the Mind, he explains that David taught him a no-lose system to beating the roulette by writing it on a napkin! Derron has that napkin signed and framed in his office. David Berglas is an incredibly smart man.

David Berglas is well known for creating something called the ‘Berglas Effect‘, also known as the ‘Holy Grail’ – something that fools magicians everywhere and is all over YouTube.

His son, Marvin founded Marvin’s Magic in 1987 and for 30 years has been a credit to magic. His Children’s magic sets have been sold globally by the biggest retailers including Argos, Hamleys, Amazon, and many more!

Marvin’s magic sets are box sets with lots of magic tricks for children to learn. They include all the props needed and they come with instruction manuals.

My Trick

As a magician myself, I was very excited to meet Marvin. When I met him, he was a very humble, nice man. We had a conversation and decided to show each other a trick using a regular deck of cards. From magician to magician, I feel like we amazed each other.

I took the deck, shuffled it, and asked Marvin to pick a card, he placed it back into the pack and I shuffled again, placing the mixed deck on the table.

I asked him to name a number from 10-20, he said 14.

Here was my claim -“Marvin, If I could cut fourteen cards (your randomly thought of number) from the top without counting them and the next card was your card, would you be impressed?”

He said Yes. I cut a packet from the top, placed it next to him, asked what his card was, he said 5 of Spades, I turned the next card over and BINGO! The 5 of Spades was staring at him.

I then said “When you look at that small packet I cut off, what are you dying to do? He said to count them. He picked the packet up, counted them, and BINGO AGAIN! 14 cards exactly!

There were a few people watching and they all applauded, Marvin included.

Marvins Trick -Torn and Restored Card

One of the highlights of my day, watching Marvin perform.

After my trick, he asked if I wanted to see one. I said YES! He took the same deck, shuffled it, asked me to pick a card (it was the 4 of Clubs) and shuffled it into the deck.

He placed the deck behind his back and took a card out without looking. It was my card! Marvin then ripped the card, gave me one corner as a receipt, and vanished the remaining pieces.

Now here is my favorite part. He gave the deck a slight riffle and one card popped out reversed from the center. It was my 4 of clubs, restored! The corner piece he gave me matched proving it was the exact card and not a duplicate card. Brilliant!

I don’t think me and Marvin actually fooled each other, but we didn’t intend to. What we did do is share our wonderful craft, the art of magic.

Meeting Marvin was truly a magical experience. He’s friendly, magical and an inspiration to lots magicians and entrepreneurs.

Check out the footage below, it’s magical and entertaining. If you like the magic, give it a share, watching two magicians doing magic to each other is not something you see every day!

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